Conventional: Comments

⚓ About

❌ Bad review comment

✅ Good review comment

🏆 Better review comment

🚧 Conventional comment format

<label> [decorations]: <subject>[discussion]

🔖 Labels


🥇 Best Practices

  1. Leave actionable comments
  2. Combine similar comments
  3. Replace “you” with “we

📑 Saved replies Github

💻 Conventional Comments Buttons Extension

Conventional comments extension

📑 Conclusion

  1. The intention of our comment is clear
  2. The separation between the topic of the comment and the example and/or reasoning of the comment is very clear and straight
  3. The author knows what they should prioritize because our comments are well-labeled

🔗 References

Frontend Software Engineer@Instabug

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Abdallah Hemdan

Abdallah Hemdan

Frontend Software Engineer@Instabug

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